Everyone knows; chocolate and happiness are synonymous. The unique flavors created by the talented international chefs with their special recipes will allow you to experience the true chocolate flavor.

We have enriched this delightful taste with different flavors for you. Do you prefer the perfect blend of crunchy cocoa, hazelnuts and grapes, high dose of passion, hazelnut, milk or all these flavors?

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Turkish Delight

The traditional flavor of Turkish culture is reinterpreted with modern touches. We prepare the varieties that appeal to different tastes like chocolate covered, plain, double roasted pistachio and rose covered with genuine rose petals.

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Eau De Cologne

The scents left in the memory are permanent. The lilacs that surround the senses with spring freshness, the lavender that takes a stroll through the lavender orchards, the lemon for the traditional lemon fragrance, the green tea that gives the feeling of perfume, or the smell of jasmine that makes the aphrodisiac effect, emerge in elegant bottles and embody the elegance.

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For the love of Filter Coffee !

Who might ever say “No” to a cup of filter coffee? Ok, what makes it different? Of course, a passion, created by that crystal clear taste that has been purified from the coffee grains. You must start the road, that goes to the seductive filter coffee taste, with passion together. What will guide you throughout the road is the high quality standards. Don’t forget, the passions leaves you in the lurch if there is no quality. In that case, we said let’s bring quality and passion together and decided to bring Endorfia Premium Filter Coffee together with you for an excellent taste experience.

A Turkish Coffee, Whose Memory Will Last for Years

Forty years? The memory of a Turkish Coffee with a rich foam might exceed 40 years and last for a life time. Because, it is more than a standard beverage.... Turkish Coffee is a strong representative of a rooted culture and tradition. If it is prepared right on the button and with a rich foam, then the Turkish Coffee is in high spirits. It tells mystical stories to those, who know to listen; century long stories that belong to these soils.... We have placed the quality, that matches to the fame of Turkish Coffee into the Endorfia Premium Turkish Coffee packages; so you will be able to hear those wise stories...

Sipariş Oluştur

Corporate Gift endorfia

Small details create big differences. You can check your position in the mind of your target audience with stylish details.

For orders of 50 boxes or more, we are preparing elegant boxes carrying the logo of your company. Combining your logo with prestigious designs, these boxes will function as an effective communication tool to strengthen your corporate image.

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Outstanding Flavor
Together With Aesthetics

A multi-dimensional experience that will appeal to all senses is created in detail.

Love, passion, grace and nobility

These concepts, which are the essential elements of aesthetics, are embodied in our registered pattern of heart figures.
This design embellishes elegant boxes, madlen labels and cardboard bags.

About Us

Corporate World-Specific Options

Endorfia offers prestigious corporate gifts such as chocolate, Turkish delight, eau de cologne to be used in the corporate business market. The products that combine superior quality with taste, are capable of competing with internationally renowned products. If you want to take a high quality gift with your own logo on your corporate visits, you can have this prestige with your orders of 50 or more.

A Different Prestige Approach

Our products, which are the embodiment of the concept of prestige, meet the high standards in terms of both quality and aesthetics. What makes Endorfia different is its privileged and meticulously defined concept. This concept, which represents refined tastes, meets not only the products, but also the packaging and your expectations of quality and aesthetics.

Luxury and High Quality Gifts

Endorfia operates with the aim of delivering quality, which is an art, to those who are in pursuit of quality. Natural ingredients and talented craftsmen with the taste of unique flavors, stylish boxes are presented to you.

Corporate Gift

In order to reflect your corporate identity, we prepare elegant packages / boxes with the logo of companies that order more than 50 boxes and more.


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